River’s Nursery


I spent a lot of time planning and styling this nursery before the arrival of our little guy. I would sit for hours in this room wondering what life would be like being a new mom, daydreaming of watching him sleep so peacefully in his crib, picturing how perfect everything was going to be…then reality punched me in the throat. Don’t get me wrong, being a mom is incredibly awesome! But it is hard stuff! Nothing anyone said to me would have prepared me for all the things related to having a newborn.

So when River arrived we were Team No Sleep. He definitely did not sleep in his crib for about 5 months, and things were far from perfect. I like to think it was our own version of perfect with some serious tests of patience and strength (for both of us). Thank God for my husband, family, friends, and our lactation specialist (nursing was a struggle…saved for another post).

Back to my daydreaming of sitting in this nursery…I knew I wanted to keep everything pretty gender neutral, clean and bright. We had the room painted in Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray. I really like this color because it is gray without being too cold. When there is a lot of outside light filtering in, it feels more white. It has the perfect amount of brightness with a touch of warmth.

I drew the rest of the color scheme from that rug from esalerugs and from the piece above his crib. We had just gone on a trip to Joshua Tree a few months before I delivered and picked up that cactus skeleton. I decided to make it into a sort-of mobile with macrame and plants of course. Everything else came together from there.

We definitely spend a lot of time in this nursery now that our little guy is almost one. I am happy to say that he now does sleep in that crib and we spend lots of time on the faux fur carpet reading books and playing with toys.


Baskets, Mirror, Pottery-Target

Faux fur rug-Costco

Ladder-World Market

Glider-Buy Buy Baby


Letter Board-Letter Love Goods

Photographs by EllieKoleenPhotography.com

3 thoughts on “River’s Nursery

  1. I seriously love everything about this! I’m so happy for you that you decided to blog. Your creativity is so inspiring that it needs to be shown off to the world. You are not only a great wife and mother, but truly one of the most caring and thoughtful friends that I have! I’m so thankful that we have crossed paths in our lives. You make me want to be better in not only my career, but in every aspect of my life overall!

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